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OWM-5211MS,5214MS,5216MS,5217MS Glazed Tile

Product hardness is high, the service life will be longer, not easy to scratch, knock resistance, can adapt to the high intensity of use of the place shop paste, the performance of ultra-low water absorption rate reflects not easy to deformation: ultra-low water absorption rate of the product, the product stability is good, will not be easy to over time and deformation; After ceramic tile shop sticks hot bilge cold shrink not apparent, better assure construction quality.

Exquisite furniture, exquisite cloth, clean floor… Life taste is often reflected in details. The pleasant home environment is the best courtesy for dinner guests, and also the diligent pursuit of exquisite life. Yes, we should not live a life without a sense of quality.

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Stone texture + cement + three-dimensional texture (24 sides)

Light sensitivity

5 ° soft light

Skid resistance



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