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OWM-NG989 Glazed Tile

Ceramic tile does not absorb water, that is to say, the water absorption rate is low, and the selection method of matte brick is relatively simple, weigh the weight of the brick, the same size of the brick, the weight is better than the light. The feel of good bricks is also better. The surface of bricks is delicate and smooth, while the surface of bad bricks is rough and can be felt by hand.

  • The uniform size of the products can save construction time and be neat and beautiful.
  • High flexural strength, good wear resistance and resistance to heavy pressure, not easy to wear and tear, lasting, suitable for use in public places.
  • Ceramic tiles with good smoothness, non-bending surface, no warping angle, easy construction, flat ground after construction.

297×600, 600×1200, 600×600, 900×1800, 900×900


Floor, Wall


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